I went to Cuba in January 2016 and stayed mostly in Havana for 9 days.  Airbnb had just started a team and I experienced living with the people, taking pictures every day and getting lost in the streets.

For this show at Gallery 21 in Balboa Park, I departed from presenting my photographs as I always had: mounted on gatorboard, no mat, no frames, no glass. Instead, I chose to use discarded material such as cardboard and burlap for coffee bags, spray paint, recycled frames, and glued discarded photos as photo frames.

I also created a very large installation on a 4′ by 6′ gates board, onto which I glued the photo of a wall as large as the gatorboard, printed on an engineering paper ordered from a company in China.  I then glued my own pictures of Cuban people, looking through windows and walking through doors.