The Point of View exhibit is on view until Monday September 19th at Gallery 21 located in the Spanish Village Art Center between the Natural History Museum and the Zoo in Balboa Park.  37 artists studios are open to the public 11am – 4pm every day.  These quaint buildings and courtyards were built in 1935 to depict a charming old village in Spain for the second California Pacific International Exposition.

Gallery 21 has rotating shows of juried artists every two weeks.  I am sharing the space with 4 other photographers: Dana Levine, John Valois, Jeff Brosbe, and Judi Works.

Point of View 2011

Come spend this Saturday or Sunday in Balboa Park.  There is a good exhibit of portraits at the Museum of Photographic Arts  called Face to Face: Works from the Bank of America Collection.

At the San Diego Museum of Art, you can view an exceptional collection of great Spanish masters from El Greco to Dali.

While you are there, stop at Gallery 21 and see the Point of View Show.